How Emily Achieved The Smile She Loves in 6 Months

If you ask almost anyone what physical trait makes someone beautiful, the answer you often hear back is eyes, or a great smile. You can never underestimate what a difference a gorgeous smile makes, and Emily had always wanted to fix hers.

Emily always had an overlap of her front tooth, which meant she always turned her head to a certain side when having her photo taken. 

Emily says, “It was always on my mind when people were up close talking to me, especially if they were focusing on my mouth when I spoke! I am getting married soon and my biggest fear was not relaxing in photos and it ruining my big day.



Emily Before                              Emily After 6 months of invisalign

“I work in the health insurance field, so I hear stories every day about how expensive Invisalign can be; with health insurance not covering a great amount. In my mind being a 28 year old, typical braces were out of the question and the thought of paying thousands of dollars upfront for Invisalign was out of the question…”

Over the years, Emily had discussed with Val how she wanted to fix it ‘one day’ thinking she'd it would probably never eventuate; however Val started to discuss potential payment plans and assisting with making the idea a reality. "I can honestly say it is the best thing I have ever done.”

The process for me took only 6 months, as I was so strict in following the guideline- only having the aligners off for 2 hours a day ensuring I had maximum impact.


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