camera shy because of your smile?

The simple act of smiling can be distressing for some.  Whether it’s meeting and greeting friends or smiling for the camera, many people are so concerned about their appearance they make a habit of not smiling. Your teeth need not be cause for distress, in fact they can be one of your main assets.



It can be easy to correct crooked, crowded, gappy, discoloured, worn or chipped teeth to give the appearance of a youthful and healthy smile, while ensuring a healthy, functional and biologically sound oral environment.  At bc dental we spend time understanding your needs, personality and desires to help create a natural balanced smile, whilst retaining or improving the functionality of the mouth. 

There are now more teeth straightening options than ever before and many are able to deliver very fast results. Teeth whitening options can be tailored and administered to optimise results and reduce the risks of increased sensitivity.  As for veneers and crowns, the technology and materials continue to improve. For appropriate cases we can offer patients the convenience and comfort of single visit crowns.

So if you have been hiding your smile perhaps it’s time to make a change. A no obligation consultation will help you understand what is possible and may help you discover a beautiful, spontaneous and confident smile of your own. Call our friendly staff on (03) 9589 2675 and take the first step towards a more confident smile.