dental Tourism: your teeth and your money

Complex dental treatment can sometimes come at a high cost. Depending on the circumstances, some Australians consider travelling abroad to access significantly cheaper treatment and get a “free holiday”.  What are the risks? Is it worth it?

As with any medical procedure things can go wrong – things can go very wrong! If they do go wrong whilst overseas you may be without the privilege of expert emergency medical care and the support of friends and family, not to mention the importance of being able to communicate with healthcare professionals in your spoken language.

It may be cheap for a reason! Australia’s medical industry is regulated by the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) and assures products are of suitable quality for the Australian public.  Materials used overseas may not be up to the same standard – and if work fails on your return home who will repair or warrant the work?

Is the dentist qualified and sufficiently skilled to perform the treatment?  Some countries accept a standard of education that would be considered sub-standard in Australia and often the treatment provided reflects the level of training. 

Infection control and spread of disease

Infection and spread of disease is a very real concern in overseas dental practices and hospitals. In Australia, dental practices adhere to very strict infection control protocols set by the Australian Dental Association, the National Health and Medical Research Association and the Dental Board of Australia.

While the financial costs of treatment may appear high, your health is very important. Before you consider dental treatment, consult local dentists and seriously weigh up your options.
bc dental offers payments options that can make the best possible treatment more accessible.  If cost is a concern, be sure to ask about payment options during your next visit or call and speak with one of our friendly staff.