keeping a youthful smile

Are your teeth making you look older? If so, you may be one of a growing number of people suffering from accelerated tooth wear. 

Pathological tooth wear can create a wide range of problems aesthetically and functionally. Issues include increased sensitivity, pain, reduced longevity of dental work. Decreased chewing ability is one of the functional problems, and  the impact on self-confidence and quality of life can be substantial.

In younger patients, increased pathological tooth wear has been linked to the pace and pressures of our modern lifestyle. In particular Dr King’s study cited the following factors:

  • Consumption of acidic beverages including soft drinks, diet, energy and sports drinks.
  • Increase in eating disorders that often result in digestive acids contacting teeth
  • The use of recreational drugs

For other patients, tooth wear may be exacerbated by symptoms of dry mouth and grinding. While the causes of tooth wear are varied, an awareness and understanding of factors can play a crucial role in preventing further damage. With your help, a detailed dental assessment can help identify possible causes of tooth wear, provide guidance and a clear approach to managing the issue. 

At bc dental the focus is on preserving your teeth and ensuring restorations retain functionality for as long as possible. If you’re concerned about tooth wearing, be sure to ask so we can help you understand possible damaging factors in your lifestyle and provide cosmetic solutions for rejuvenating a youthful smile.