Fresh Breath Tips

We've all had to reach for the breath mints at some point.  And breath quality is important to your social appeal. It's been estimated that 60 percent of adults with partners say that their partner's oral health plays a big role in their level of intimacy. 

For some, chronic bad breath is a symptom of a larger health problem. So, if it's an ongoing issue be sure to seek advice.  For those who simply experience a morning breath, or the occasional smelly whiff, the situation can usually freshen things up pretty quickly. Here are nine easy ways to keep your breath smelling fresh.

1. Brush and floss correctly.

Focus on covering the basics of brushing and flossing to keep bacteria, plaque and tartar at bay. To keep your mouth fresh brush two or three times a day, with a soft brush and floss thoroughly at least once a day. Most people avoid flossing but it the only way to clear food and debris from between your teeth where a brush cannot reach. 

2. Use a tongue scraper to clean your tongue every day. Tongue scrapers play a role in eliminating excess bacteria plaque and food debris from the tongue. A proper tongue scraper will clear away more unwanted bacteria.

3. Keep regular dental cleanings and check ups. It's too often that cars get more regular servicing than their owners... if thats you then perhaps you need to consider scheduling regualr visits.

Bad breath can be caused by cavities, root absorptions, and many other oral conditions. There's no way to know what's going on without a professional examination and X-rays.

4. Drink more water.  Simply drinking more water can counteract a number of courses of bad breath. 

One is acid-reflux, post-nasal drip and dry mouth all create an environment primed for bad breath. For these drinking more water certainly helps reduce bad breath symptoms. 

5. Switch to more crunchy, raw foods. Eating crunchy vegetables makes you produce more saliva and naturally cleansed your mouth reducing debris and bacteria.

6. Tonsil troubles. If you have crypts, or pockets, in your tonsil area, they'll tend to  get food, bacteria and mucous build up in them and this can get smelly. Gargling with saltwater could help dislodge and rinse the area. Use about  one teaspoon of salt melted in a cup of warm water.

7. Sugarless chewing gum, especially if it has xylitol, can help freshen breath, increases salivary production, and decrease bacteria in the mouth. 

8. Be mindful of stinky foods and alcohol.  Onions, garlic, spicy dishes, and coffee all have smells that linger in our mouths up to 72 hours - that's a lot of smelly time!  

9. Don't smoke. Smoker's breath is partly due to smoke particles stuck in the mouth, throat, and lungs after smoking. Additionally, tobacco also dries out the mouth, increasing plaque formation and causes gum disease, which all add to the unpleasant smell.

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