good dental hygiene goes beyond oral health

At a very young age, we’re taught the basics of good oral health care: how to keep our teeth and gums clean and free from the accumulation of bacteria and plaque build-up, and for good reasons! Compared to the cost and complications of complex dental treatments such as dental extraction, root canal therapy, and oral surgery, the effort given to keeping proper oral healthcare is practically inconsequential.

A healthy mouth typically goes hand-in-hand with a healthy body. Keeping good oral hygiene does not only preserve the vitality of your teeth and gums, it also improves the general wellbeing of your body.

Gum and Heart Disease

A growing body of studies report links between chronic gum problems and a wide range of cardiovascular dental anomalies – primarily heart disease, blood vessel blockages and stroke.

Dental experts believe there is a solid cause-and-effect relationship between oral and systemic anomalies, suggesting that maintaining good oral health can positively impact  overall health.