periodontal cleaning

After care instructions for Perio/gum deep cleaning

Periodontal cleaning (root planing) is sub-gingival, providing you with a thorough clean below the gum line. The following advice is useful after your appointment: 

Gums changing

  • As your gums heal, the gums actually shrink and firm up. 
  • You may notice some sensitivity.
  • You may also notice some gaps between your teeth, or that the gaps feel larger
  • As part of the healing process, your gums may shrink in some areas, and there may appear to be black triangles between your teeth.
  • As the gums firm up, they become healthy, which can help loose teeth, regain stability.

Tooth sensitivity

  • Teeth can feel sensitive to cold for about 1-2 weeks after the treatment.
  • Sensitive toothpaste can be used morning and night if needed.

Helping the healing process

  • To help with the healing process, doing warm salt water or Curasept rinses a few times a day is advised. You can do this for 1 week after the treatment if you like.
  • To ensure gum disease remains inactive, regular dental appointments are essential. This is important, as it helps to prevent bacteria from growing back under the gums.
  • Apart from cleaning and flushing out the bacteria, your gums are monitored to assess your body’s response to the treatment.