tooth whitening



In your whitening kit you will receive the following:

  • 2 x clear plastic trays that have been custom-made to fit over your teeth
  • 3 x syringes of whitening gel
  • 1 x retainer box to store your whitening trays
  • If your models have been given to you, please store them for safe keeping

How to apply the whitening gel

After you have brushed and flossed your teeth:

  1. Twist and pull the lid on the syringe and replace with the triangle-shaped tip provided.
  2. Disperse a small drop into the space where each tooth will fit. Ensure that you only put the solution where you want to whiten. This means the part of the tray that in contact the “smiling “surface of your teeth. Most people only whiten the front 12 teeth.
  3. Dry your teeth with a cloth and “suck air” over your teeth to dry them even more.
  4. Place the trays over your teeth and gently press into position. If any excess solution squeezes out of the top of your trays, you have used too much solution. Remove the excess solution with your finger or a cotton tip. Excess gel can irritate your gums and should be avoided.
  5. When you have completed whitening, rinse your mouth AND your trays under COLDwater and place them in the retainer box provided until you’re ready to whiten again.

Some people find their gums peel around the trays, this usually happens when too much solution is used. This is just a dead layer of skin coming off, but can make the gums a little tender temporarily.



  • Day white is generally used for patients who don’t suffer from sensitive teeth.
  • On the first day, wear your whitening trays for 20 mins. If no sensitivity occurs then you can increase your time, usually up to 1 hr x day.


  • Nite white is a milder solution used for patients with sensitive teeth.
  • On the first day, wear your whitening trays for 30 mins. If no sensitivity occurs then you can increase your time, ideally at least 1 hr x day. You can also try wearing your trays overnight if the sensitivity does not occur – we do not usually recommend this but some patients have found they get a better result trying this approach.
  • Each individual’s sensitivity level can vary. If sensitivity occurs decrease your whitening time and use sensitive toothpaste such as Colgate sensitive pro relief or Sensodyne.
  • You can keep whitening until you have reached your desired colour – generally between 5-14 days.


  • It is recommended that you avoid eating and drinking heavily coloured foods and liquids for two hours after using whitening solution.
  • If you drink coffee, red wine, tea, coke, etc. your teeth will take up more stain, so sip water while doing so in order to maintain your whiteness.
  • Keep your trays safe so that you can use them again year after year. Whitening solution can be purchased directly from us as required.


Please contact us on 9589-2675 should you have any questions or concerns regarding whitening.