Tongue brushing

Over 300 species of bacteria lives in our mouths! Some are good but the majority are the cause of bad breath, gum disease and tooth decay. We can brush and floss but if we don’t clean our tongues, the bacteria are left to harbour and grow. 

At bc dental we encourage you to look at your tongue when you brush your teeth: the whiter it is, the more bacteria is present. Brush your tongue to help remove the bacteria and if it stays white, then the source of bacteria is likely to be from digestive problems. 

Tongue brushing is simple and should be done once a day.  Start by scraping the tongue gently but firmly with a tongue scraper. Start at the back of the tongue and pass the scraper towards the tip several times. You will get a build-up of residue on the tool. Rinse and continue until you've worked over your whole tongue.