A bridge is used to replace a missing tooth or teeth with a fixed appliance that is cemented permanently into the mouth. A bridge is made up of one or two crowns on either side of the missing tooth – these are called the ‘anchoring teeth'. A dummy tooth is then attached to the anchoring crowns, replacing the missing teeth.

Why would I need a bridge?

You may be a suitable candidate for a bridge if:

  • You need a replacement tooth or teeth
  • You need to improve the function of your teeth due to missing teeth
  • You want to improve your cosmetic appearance
  • You want to replace an existing partial denture

What if I need a bridge?

Your dental professional will advise you if a bridge is necessary during your consultation. As with a crown, a bridge is also completed in 2 appointments. 

  • First we take impressions, prepare the teeth and place a temporary bridge on the teeth while your bridge is being made by a specialist dental laboratory.
  • In 2 weeks time you return to have the temporary bridge removed and the permanent bridge placed.

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