Cerec Crowns

Cerec crowns in a single visit 

All porcelain crowns can now be made in a single visit using computer technology and are called Cerec crowns. This visit is usually 80-100 minutes, with only 1 injection and NO impressions needed.

Cerec crowns are especially appropriate for patients who:

  • Don’t tolerate dental impressions
  • Have metal sensitivity
  • Are time-poor 
  • Are needle phobic 

What is Cerec computer technology?

Cerec technology provides the highest quality crowns and restorations in a single appointment. Cerec is a combined computer program and milling unit which enables your dentist to create partial and full porcelain crowns and fillings while you wait. This procedure eliminates the need for multiple appointments, injections or impressions. Tooth coloured porcelain is carefully selected to match the colour and shade of your teeth. The porcelain is extremely durable, fits precisely and best of all it looks and feels completely natural. 

At bc dental we are renowned for our specialty in Cerec single visit crowns and restorations. Our very own Dr. Carlo Roberts was one of the first dentists to introduce this exciting technology to Australia in 1999! 

Do I need a Cerec?

Cerec restorations are often indicated when:

  • A tooth or old large filling has fractured
  • A tooth or old large filling has decayed
  • A tooth has had root canal treatment
  • You’re wanting to replace large plastic or amalgam fillings for cosmetic reasons or to extend the life of your teeth
  • If you need a crown but don’t tolerate impressions or would prefer the procedure to be completed in a single visit 

What if I need a Cerec?

To create a Cerec that is custom made to fit your tooth exactly and to ensure it has a natural and beautiful look, a number of steps are involved: 

  • Old fillings are removed and remaining tooth prepared for the digital image to be taken
  • A small camera is used to capture a 3D picture of the prepared tooth
  • A new tooth is then designed by the dentist using the computer program and the 3D image
  • The selected tooth is coloured, and a porcelain block used as the milling process begins to create your tooth
  • The created crown is cemented onto the prepared tooth 

When accommodating busy lifestyles, a Cerec restoration is often the preferred choice due to the convenience of having the optimal treatment in just a single appointment. Your dental professional will be able to advise you if a Cerec is the most suitable and effective treatment for you.

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