Wedding Dentistry

Getting married is such a wonderful part of life and is celebrated as one of the happiest days of our lives. As wedding plans come together, we start to look at ourselves again and want to look and feel our best for that special day. Not only do we want to get fit and healthy, but we want to look great as well.

A lot of our patients take this opportunity to do what they have always wanted to do – get their perfect smile. From simple whitening to straightening crooked smiles, we offer the latest techniques to get you the smile you want – in time for the big day! 

We offer an amazing range of treatments that can be provided in very little time and packages that help your whole bridal party look their best for your photos.  

Many patients require only simple maintenance such as teeth cleaning or whitening to achieve their desired smile. However we also cater for more extensive ‘wedding-ready’ dentistry.

Common procedures used in wedding dentistry:

As each case is individual, one of our highly qualified dentists will complete a full exam and have a discussion with you to determine which procedures are best suited, ensuring that we capture your perfect wedding smile.

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