Childrens dentistry

Our resident Oral Therapist’s greatest passion is caring for children and their oral health. Utilising the latest advances in dentistry including laser, digital x-rays and relaxation therapy, we are always delighted to cater for all your children’s dental needs and requirements. 

We advise parents to introduce their child to professional dental care from the age of 6 -12 months and then at least annually after this. For an infant, this first visit allows a check for normal development and potential overuse of dummies and bottles that can cause long-term issues. 

This initial visit may just entail watching a parent have their teeth cleaned, or having their own baby teeth counted and polished with a soft brush. We will discuss home care with you, including dietary needs and normal development of your child. 

Having a bad experience at the dentist at a young age often results in a fear of dental care in later years. Our process of familiarisation allows your child to grow up without anxiety about dental care, and we find most of our child patients look forward to their dental visit! 

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