What is a mouthguard?

The most important piece of sporting equipment you can get!

A mouthguard is a removable device that is worn to protect your teeth whilst playing sports. Both professional and amateur athletes are advised to wear a mouthguard when playing and practicing sport to reduce the risk of breaking teeth on impact and to help avoid concussions.

Is a chemist mouthguard OK?

Our mouthguards are custom made from a mold of your teeth and offer far more protection than mouthguards from the chemist, as the fit is precise & personalised. This custom fit is what provides the ultimate protection for you / your children’s teeth. 

What if my child’s teeth are still developing? 

If your child is losing baby teeth and developing adult teeth, we sometimes recommend using a re-moldable chemist mouthguard to compensate for the constantly changing dentition. A custom mouthguard will lose its precise fit with the loss/gain of teeth and becomes too costly to replace every few months. 

When would I need a mouthguard?

Mouthguards are highly recommended for contact or physical sports such as:

  • Basketball  
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Martial arts
  • Rugby
  • Soccer
  • Softball

What are mouthguards made from?

The material that we use to create our mouthguards is called ‘Proform’  it’s the leading professional-grade mouthguard material that offers superior protection to teeth. The mouthguards are made up of a double vinyl layer that laminates the mold of the patient’s teeth in a heat/pressure process.

Benefits of Proform mouthguards:

  • Thin and comfortable
  • Custom fitted to any size mouth
  • Highest level of protection 
  • No interference with breathing while wearing them
  • Retain their shape for a secure fit
  • No interference with speech, allowing clear communication while playing sport
  • Personalise by choosing from numerous colour options

Click here for Instructions for mouthguard use and care

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