Clear 6 Month Braces

What are Clear 6 month braces?

Clear 6 month braces is a braces system that is used to straighten your teeth safely and effectively in as little as 6 months. This system uses a combination of time-tested techniques and the latest orthodontic materials and technologies. Most cases are completed within 6-9 months, leaving you with the smile you always wanted – in the fastest time possible. 

How do Clear 6 month braces work?

One of the key technologies used in clear 6 month braces is hi-tech arch wires. These wires have what is called ‘shape memory’. This means that however the wire is twisted, bent or deformed around your teeth it will return to the ideal shape, allowing your teeth to move to the desired location.

What do Clear 6 month braces look like?

This is the most aesthetic braces system available which does not require the use of adhesive on the inside surfaces of your teeth. Clear brace technology uses clear braces and white wires so that their visibility is reduced as much as possible.

Will Clear 6 month braces work for me?

This system is great for correcting overlapping, crowding and gaps between the teeth. One of our highly qualified dentists will complete a full examination to see if you are a suitable candidate as each individual case is different. 

Clear 6 month braces can take between 6-24 months and do not provide a full, comprehensive orthodontic course. It is a technique used mostly for teens and adults hoping to improve their smile as quickly, aesthetically and comfortably as possible. 

How often do I need to come in?

The braces are initially put on in a 60-80 minute appointment. After the initial appointment, we adjust the braces every 4 weeks in a 20-30 minute appointment. When the course has been completed, another 60 minute appointment is needed to remove the braces and fit your retainers. 

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