discoloured teeth

Broken & discoloured teeth

Patient: 35 year old professional who never smiled in public.
Treatment: Root canal therapy, 2 porcelain crowns, composite bonding and a clean. Completed over 3 visits in 3 weeks.

Porcelain crowns & whitening

Patient: 43 year old male who hated the black line at at the top of his tooth and his yellow coloured teeth.
Treatment: Zoom whitening followed by 4 porcelain crowns. Completed in 4 weeks over 3 visits.

Straighter & whiter teeth

Patient: 22 year old student who hated smiling in photos.
Treatment: 5 months teeth straightening with Inman aligner, and Take home whitening. Outcome: While patient was very happy with her smile, the Inman aligner was not able to achieve perfect straightness.

Space closing & whitening

Patient: 40 yr old professional female who was very self-conscious about her front teeth and the gap between between them.
Treatment: Zoom Whitening followed by 6 veneers. Completed over 4 weeks.

Discoloured front tooth

Patient: 57 year old mother whose children really wanted to her to fix her "black tooth".
Treatment: Composite bonded filling. Completed in a single visit.