skew & crowded teeth

Straighter teeth

Patient: 27 year old male who was concerned about his crooked front teeth, and didn't want veneers.
Treatment: 4 months using Inman Aligner.

Straighter & whiter teeth

Patient: 22 year old student who hated smiling in photos.
Treatment: 5 months teeth straightening with Inman aligner, and Take home whitening. Outcome: While patient was very happy with her smile, the Inman aligner was not able to achieve perfect straightness.

Misshaped teeth

Patient: 16 year old student who had always hated his 'pointy' teeth.
Treatment: Composite buildups. Completed in a single visit.

Aesthetics braces

Patient: 28 year old sales rep who wished she'd had braces as a child.
Treatment: 8 months with aesthetic braces - so easy!