smile makeover

Replace Crowns and New Veneers

Patient: After years of feeling uncomfortable about discoloured teeth, especially at work, this 58 mother of 2 got a natural looking smile she loves.

Treatment: A combination of Crowns and Veneers across top the teeth allowed for colour and shape change to give a natural and more youthful smile

Straightening, Whitening and Veneers

Patient: Keen to have teeth improved for her wedding day, we corrected worn, discoloured and misshaped teeth to give her the smile she wanted.

Treatment: 6 months using invisalign, Zoom in-chair whitening and veneers on front 4 teeth made a very happy and confident bride.


Patient: Retired gentleman in his 70s was bothered by the discoloured and worn teeth.  

Treatment: Veneers over two visits allowed for the front teeth to be reshaped and a natural more pleasing colour given to the main teeth in his smile

Straightening and Whitening

Patient: Felt embaressed about her teeth, we corrected crowded and discoloured teeth.

Treatment: 12 months using invisalign and take-home whitening resulting in a very happy patient.

New Crowns Restore Smile

Patient: 54 year old chef and father of 2 hated the look of the metal edges on his old dental crowns and felt self-conscious when smiling.

Treatment: Discussion to determine dental goals followed by fitting 'mock-ups' to check the size, colour and shape didn't affect speech and achieved the desired outcome. Then 1 visit to make and fit the final crowns. 


Smile makeover

Patient: 32 year old mother who had always disliked the colour of her teeth.
Treatment: 6 months of Invisalign to straighten the teeth, followed by Zoom whitening and minor colour-matched fillings to fix uneven edges.

Smile makeover

Patient: 28 year old female who wanted to improve her smile after quitting smoking.
Treatment: 6 months with Invisalign to straighten teeth, followed by Take home whitening and veneers on her two front teeth.

Smile makeover

Patient: 35 year old sales rep who was concerned that discoloured & crooked teeth were holding her back.

Treatment: 6 months of aesthetic braces, followed by Zoom whitening, and bonding to restore chipped edges.