oral therapists / hygienists

It was in her job as a dental assistant, working one-on-one with dental hygienists, that Emma realised Dental Hygiene was her passion. The young Emma Reid studied Dental Hygiene at Gilles Plains TAFE in South Australia graduating in 2010 where she also met her now husband.

The pair decided to relocate to Melbourne in 2011. Emma and Luke married at Werribee Mansion in 2014 (now Emma Walton) and are now settled in Seaford raising their beautiful son Harvey and enjoying the Bayside lifestyle.

After more than a decade in the dental industry Emma continues to grow her passion with a particular interest in helping patients overcome fears and feeling comfortable. “There’s nothing more rewarding than having a patient look forward to seeing me” says Emma. 

Emma enjoys travelling, and with a young family is looking forward to more Australian road trips. So if you have any suggestions for great family friendly destinations be sure to share them with Emma at your next visit.